Love Over Wealth - Direction-Design- Photography - Video - Branding

Low was maybe the 2nd person I worked with over a period of time this was about March - July 2017.  I can't say I just did one thing here with this project even when it came to content creation.  We had so many avenues to cover.  I put him on a couple clubs in our hometown and had to make flyers and giveaways for that.  Snapchat filters /id ads for events he attended.  Photography to cover a event and just promo materials.  I also pushed him out to about 50 different blogs and had help from a PR team on pushing his single "My bread".  We worked together for a span of about 4 months and made 4 videos and pushed each one of those singles.  He ended up with my bread on the radio and decided to go back to school and now is engineering for Grand Hustle. 

Jasmin Moore 2019
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