Some more sketches

Most designing STILL starts on paper.  I never really show my process just the end resullts.  I’m going to try to show more of my sketches and stuff.  I’ve also been doodling a bit more and bring it over to photoshop and paint it a lil bit for fun.  I’ve got a good response from IG from it. (@noprincessjustjasmin) I’ve been trying to get into hand lettering also.  I’m not the best but my clients appreciate something so personal.  Something they know they can’t find on dafont…nothing is wrong with dafont of course.  I love dafont actually.  


So I have a friend from my hometown and he is totally into drawing and painting, which by the way is totally great. He has inspired me to pick up my pencil again from time to time instead of eating cookies and watching tv I’ve gotten back into sketching and listening to music like I was 21 again. Ahh how I miss being 21. I posted them on my instagram account which is noprincessjustjasmin and had pretty good luck with the people I drew reposting it on their page so far. ANYWHOOOOO here are a couple of my sketches below.

Have been workin I promise….

I’ve been working on a few projects as of late. More with building a whole brands. Here is some recent work I’m fulfilling for LipJunk, a clients new lipstick line and clothing brand. I took the photos and retouched them as well as created the webpage and all the content for it. Still working on it though! The end results will be great but here is some of the stuff I’ve been working on below.

Jasmin Moore 2019
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