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Flyaa ft Foogiano. An impromptu video shot in studio by me.  Google Ads and social media based PR implementation with Instagram.

De'Ante better known as YWM Flyaa came to me with a pretty significant following based out of my hometown of Augusta,GA.  We established a look and branding for his mixtape release "YNIC".   He was looking for a more professional established look from his previous release.  So I worked with him trying to pull out more of who he was in his imagery.  Commanding but a man of few words, he usually is more of a listener than a talker with his occasional laugh and large smile.  I had him try to push more emotion in his look than he normally would in his photos.  We tried to convey the seriousness of his business and the turmoil he goes through being in the game in his baby face.   I also worked with him on his logos and videos, trying to create a recognizable brand.      

Chosen Cover concept

Cover Concept 2

On the marketing end....

Over the course of 4 months we set up all his artist pages on spotify, apple music and youtube.  We did some advertising online his views for this project are 40k on youtube and three videos on fb totaling 49,962k views.  We did a week work of spinrilla advertising getting a whopping 52k views quadrupling the amount of views of his last tape and his single was on the top singles for a day during that advert spend.  He has done numerous shows and grown on instagram by 1k but he has an engagement rate of 13%.  The following analytics were done in Feb 2019.

Jasmin Moore 2019
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