Working with H-D

This position was just as one of their tagline describes "freedom for the soul".  A great team of people passionate about the brand and everyone did a bit of everything to get the project done. My scope of work included launching national and local level campaigns, organizing local events, running digital paid and organic campaigns, oversight of websites and  working with local influencers for model launches or model exposures. 


I took some detailed shots for ads when I needed to have some content made immediately. I had a team of marketers and content creators I worked with but I was able to get things done as well.

Event Coordination

With each event I coordinated setup in my DAT.  In these examples I designed these to give the gritty Harley feel.  I also reached out to local advertising online and rider blogs and websites and set up event pages.  Ran social media advertising and contacted and setup vendors, influencers, music or entertainment for each event.  The day of I would coordinate and make sure all vendor were in the correct area and the band and food vendor arrived on-time.  Also during the event I would do social media stories as well to cover the event and shoot video to do a recap for a later date and for advertising for the next year.  

Influencer Marketing

Atlanta has a large population of riders an of course is one of the newer entertainment hubs in the US.  I was able to work with local riders and influencers alike to develop campaigns to display some of the newer models and showcase the dealers.

Zee, a member of the Litas Atlanta and local social media influencer I've previously worked with on multiple events was coordinated to be featured with the 2021 Roadglide on Harley's official site.

Chase is another local influencer drafted for a feature with the sportster s release. The sportster is supposed to be a bridge between cruiser bike style and street bike style.  He was able to ride this baby for a month and review to his channel which is more street bike riders than cruisers.

Social Media and Branding

Responsible for our social growth

FB and Instagram were big marketing platforms along with our site.  I was able to grow the FB page at the average rate of 200 new followers each month and engagement per post rose 20% .  Considering the covid situation the digital portion of advertising had to be more heavily relied on.  On instagram I had a average growth of 150 new followers a month and grew the story engagement up 1100%.  I know that sounds crazy but it's true.  The instagram algorithm favors more story usage over post usage so I focused more there than the actual postings.  The average view per post was about 25% of our following and there was no budget given for instagram.

PPC Advertising

Grew their clicks up 8k with a 1.4k budget monthly this is compared with the year before where they did not use any ads for the first .  Changed their ads around started display ads for increase in impressions and worked on new copy for bumper and search ads. Re-worked dealership personalized display ads in order to get higher impressions.  The dealership began by doing google recommended ads in feb to me starting and doing search only ads and display ads via co-op then we re-worked the display ads and personalized them in order to get more impressions monthly.  

Jasmin Moore 2019
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