On the Bioservices side

Pre-existing logo when I arrived.

Updated logo by me

Lab Photos and Details

Social Media and Branding

Tradeshow setup

Backdrop design

Table cover

Banner Design

One flyer design 

On the Biomics side....

The original design

The challenge with this was getting all this information that is usually on medicine packaging condensed down to where it looks more modern and new and trustworthy at the same time.  The current bottle design and packaging was used for about 2 years but without any marketing what so ever.   

Concept designs

Mockup of foil lettering in office

Concept mockups using pearlescent paper and foil.

Final concept chosen by owner for gold foil.  

New webstore

Omega Bio-Tek

Worked on tradeshow materials.  This is their first digital tradeshow booth that I designed completely and took the photos for. 

Social Media

We focused on tradeshow attendance and product awareness postings.

In 6 months grew the following on linkedin up 20%.

Doubled the engagement rate on average

Started the use of paid advertising causing to new leads and brand exposure.

GUI Interface design 

Designed a GUI for a new magnetic bead handling machine

This is the main working screen

Video Production

New packaging and video production

I was put in charge of video production for the entire company.  I was in charge of lighting, stoyboarding, production and editing.  I work mostly with a black magic pocket cinema 4k and a nikon d7500.  This is a video of a our new box design that I did that we featured on our social media accounts.

Worked with the Lead product scientist and a technical support lab technician in video production with a product protocol.  


PPC Advertising

I began working with Omega Bio-tek in the end of May. I have also been assigned the task of being their ppc advertising accounts including google adwords and nature and with select science.  Their CPC was $8.97.  I was able to change drop that cost to 3.43 with the same budget in one month with revisions to ads and keywords.  I was able to keep this consistent throughout the quarter with the low CPC and increase in impressions. I also increased the impressions and clicks overall without major change in budget. 

Jasmin Moore 2019
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