99 designs

So I decided to join 99 designs not just because of the potential prize money but a reason to up my portfolio. It gives me a chance to work with different kinds of clients and open my mind up to different ways to solve their problems. I’ve been on there a couple weeks now and I’ve been a finalist TWICE. Prize money….see you soon.


I don’t know where I would be or what my mindset would be like if there was no internet. The internet is what took my mind to other places. It was waaaay back when I was just a lil jasmin bud I was drawing and copying graffiti tags that was my first inspiration. Something street and colorful I thought that was me all the way! Anywhooo that was random but lately I’ve been looking at posts on dark fashion and monsters. I know black has been the trend for a couple years now but I tried to stay away but I keep getting drawn in. Back to where the internet comes in, without the internet I wouldn’t be able to see this stuff without actually visiting the museums or actually traveling outside of my room( which I won’t I’m a introvert). Ahhh I love technology. What do you guys think about this dark trend in fashion and media lately.

More on the Eros brand

So we finally getting it together the drop will be in June. Got a couple friends and the good people over at persé clothing and I went on ahead and put together a simple lookbook. Feels good to be the boss and actually control how things are going to look for once. Me and my partner have put together a pretty solid looking season. I’m satisfied. See all the images for the lookbook at atleros.com

Jasmin Moore 2015
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