The haberdashery

So I was contacted by Mary one of my friends from my hometown to do a design for. She sent me a badge as a example and said can I make it like this. I said sure. She also wanted me to add her face in it instead. Ok cool. I finish the logo and this is what came of it. She loved it. Mary posts on IG and it goes crazy both ways…positive and negative. I was so surprised that I could even create any kind of internet uproar since I’m not on IG with thousand upon thousands of followers. The original designer of the logo makes a post about how I am not creative and so on and so forth. I totally get it. It does look similar, but dude it her face how can i literally copy off of you if its someones face? When you get clients that ask you to recreate something am I not suppose to do it? Am I supposed to turn down money because of creative morale? I have no relation or friendship to any other designers I don’t owe you anything. I’m sorry folks but if I have clients my job is to please the client not another designer point, blank, period.


Soooo let me explain this to yall…this trademark sh*t is real out here. The Luvbombz brand has been around since 2010. I just recently saw another brand in Atlanta with very VERY similar name that has been around for a whole couple months with the same kind of story we have and us over here on the other side of the railroad tracks decided at first to continue on with our brand and keep repping that bomber gang! We had to take off our territorial hat for a second and think about this like a business. We decided to scratch the name and start with something new because no one can take our creativity and passion and drive. So the lovely people at LuvBombz have just transitioned into Eros atlanta a lifestyle brand. Eros is the Greek god of love. We over here at Eros still have love for everything atlanta and even love that “other” brand because it just helped us develop into something better….we welcome you to our new journey. All caterpillars turn into butterflies.

Jasmin Moore 2015
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